A Methodical, Creative approach to Digital Imagery.

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Over the past seven years, Tom has worked on projects ranging from furry monsters to high-end automotive visualisation for car configurators. Providing clients with expert CGI work for above and below the line.


Before introducing my speciality, I put forth the list of my esteemed clients and brands I have worked on - Adey, Audi, American Express, Bentley, Bridon International, DSA Airport, Equatel, Glorious Foods, Haribo, Jaguar, kingfisher, Lecia-Geosystems, Land Rover, Maxibon ice cream, Maserati, MG, NICE, Nestle, Peel Group, Samsung, Stannah Stairlifts, Walmart, West Cumbria Mining and many other companies! All these Corporate, with whom I am dealing need no introduction from my side!


Tom speciality involves creating photorealistic 3D and 2D imagery using high-end production tools such as Autodesk’s 3Ds Max and Maya along with Photoshop retouching high-end print imagery for automotive and interior designers. With a variety of skills across-the-board.


Providing a wide range of Flexible & Reliable Services.


Using polygon modelling and digital sculpting techniques it is possible to create high or low levels of details of your product specialising in hard surface and fabric modelling.


From full CGI race track to digital room sets and any destinations in-between can be architecturally visualised from your cad plans or a blank canvas.


Using a 3D model which could be either Cad data or a custom made I can create a hyper-realistic representation of the product using photographic approach.


Cad Data can be prepared, lit, materials applied, visualise, render, retopologize based on supplied cad data. Using the latest high-end cad graphics card to open large data sets.


Create a digital animation to show off your product or building to visualise proposed designs, alteration or demonstrate spacial awareness.


Working methodically to be as flexible as possible giving clients full control over an image. Using a 10bit fully calibrated monitor for SRGB and Adobe RGB allows images within "wide gamut" RGB, LAB, and CMYK to be viewed, assessed and amended accurately.


All animation or print images are rendered on fast xeon and gpu servers in house. Allowing turn around time to be productive to a high standard.


Sometimes it is not possible to photograph every variation of your project however using 3D and 2D techniques your product and all of its variants can be digitally created giving your customers a more immersive experience.


All files and information are securely stored on a raid 10 synology file servers in a locked server room. This means your data is safe and always backed up. All workstations use UPS so down time is not an issue. We use dropbox for file sharing.

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If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me whether its via Skype, email, phone or even this web form. Office: 01724 710679 Mobile: 07739394040 skype: tomdent_pim

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