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Tom Dent specialises in providing expert 2D & 3D Animation, VFX, CGI and Interactive content. Working with the biggest brands across multiple sectors. Providing product animations, animated commercials, motion graphics, Room Set CGI, Architectural fly-through animation, Automotive, Retail, character animation, Creative retouching, visual effects, visualisation, interactive WebGl content, Product configurators, 2d stylized animation and much more!

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Creative CGI

Maybe you fancy 100 feet tall letters made of gold, emeralds and diamonds or a giant robot if that’s not enough for you lets create visual effects display with electricity, fire, smoke and ice! All that’s requires is a mockup to start the process.

CGI Room sets

When a room set exists, Its referred to as a 3D Asset. The 3D camera can be positioned in multiple areas to produce a series of images at any required size. Room sets can be outputted in multiple formats such as imagery and animation.

Oil, Gas and Renewables

Visual storytelling will make you outshine your competitors. All projects have the highest level of detail with the ability to zoom in and provide a crisp view of each intricate part if this is not enough for you X-Ray views can be used to reveal further details.

Automotive and Mechanical

Time to investigate the complex details of the latest electric and autonomous vehicles. The inside of an engine is nearly impossible to explore with traditional video however animation can delve into the areas you want to explain. Require configuration imagery read more below

3D Product & Consumer 

Take your cad data to its full potential commissioning animation or imagery from the data. The Animation can work in any way you desire from turntables, detail shots to total exploded views. Snap every angle, every colour and every variation of your product.

Motion Graphics

Animated symbols and kinetic text help engage the audience in relating to the message. Using 2D with more complex 3D elements and motion graphics will make you stand out from the crowd. Already have video footage? Its possible to integrate animated assets into footage such as HUD’s, holographics, typography, products, toon effects and more!

Architectural CGI

From large commercial buildings and warehouses to the latest casinos and even residential property CGI animation and imagery can help promote, sell and design. A wide range of services makes this possible from bespoke high-end room set imagery to fully animated fly-throughs of the interior or exterior of a building. The example image was commissioned by Doncaster Sheffield Airport to create a concept for a proposed railway station.

Engineering, Aerospace and Automation

Save hours explaining a process, product or services with informative animations and high detailed imagery. Show in-depth workings, aircraft in the sky or automated machinery. The level of detail and realism is down to your requirements. The example image was commisioned as part of a set of images and animation for West Cumbria Mining planning application.

Visualising Retail Spaces

The most effective and realistic way to view a proposed layout. Created to scale with high-quality finish allowing you to see an accurate representation of how the products will stand out. Imagery can be produced at a range of levels and supplied up to billboard size. Variations of the same display can also be created.

Medical Animation

Promote new ideas, or products save time and money explaining complicated medical procedures using animations with a voiceover. This method works exceptionally well with an audience with a non-technical background or using as a teaching aid. All that’s required is a sketch, a mood board, plan or storyboard.

Web Design – Interactive

Involved with businesses of all sizes helping them create the most user-friendly and immersive content with over 15 years of experience. Products and service no longer require pages of words to explain to them a short animation can provide this information and more under a minute. For more practical situations interactive 3d experiences can provide the desired experience to train or explain a procedure. Designing based on user experience rather than expectations will create a platform for your business to increase sales and user engagement.

Packshots & Packaging Visuals

No more retouching out fingerprints, dust, overexposed highlights and other common issues with photography. CGI provides that crease and wrinkle-free perfect finish. CGI is superior to photography due to the high-quality finish and the cost-effectiveness. There as also belief such as animation, interactivity, updating labels and more!

Metaverse | 3D Product Configurators

Animated products or experiences within the browsers allow the user to engage with the product in ways never before. Animation can be pre-made and controlled by the interface or the end user can have controls to move the product themselves. Any product can be configurated from colourways, fabrics, accessories, variations and more if you can alter it then it is configurable. Your product can also be interactively animated.

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