Advanced Capabilities

Below is an example of different ways I can help with your project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Object and environments can be 3D scanned, for example, the Nice biscuits project used this method to create detailed models.


Cad Conversion

If you have cad data this can be converted to other formats for example fbx, obj, max, ma or we can use your cad data for your project.


Fluids and particles

Fire, smoke, water, oceans etc… another example is
beans are falling down a hopper with a gate opening and closing.


Mechanical Rigging

Rigging is essential for animation.I have extensive experience in rigging vehicles, plant machinery, trains.


Realistic Materials

The level of detail is up to you I can go as far as adding every scratch, fingerprint and imperfection for the ultimate level of realism.



Character animation adds life to your storytelling. Using motion capture library’s characters can be brought to life. 


3D Modeling

My 3D modelling specialism is Hard Surface.
However, I also can also organic modeling if requested.


Crowd Simulation

If you want a stadium full of people or an island covered in penguins I can help with all your simulation requirements.


3D Characters

Bring your characters to life with animation. Characters are animated via key-frame animation or motion capture data.


Waterways and Oceans

Epic Oceans and waterways fully simulated with every details including foam, splashes and more. The ultimate level of realism.


Virtual Tours

Explore a building from plan using 360 Panoramic tours. Move between each room and exterior for residential and commercial projects.



Ipad and Android apps are available at request. This service is typically used for medical app or games for mobile or tablet.

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