The 3D Animation Process

The process of creative imagery starts with the client’s sketches, mood boards, storyboards and any other reference they can provide. You can never supply too many references.

Once the brief is established an initial layout of the animation or image is created, we call this animatic for animation or chalks for images.

After the signing of the chalk or animation, the materials and lighting begin adding the desired level of detail.

Once the lighting is signed off and approved a final image will be rendered, retouched and supplied. Alternatively, the final animation would then be rendered and composited.

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Script / Storyboard

The devils in the detail 

Clients tend to provide a detailed storyboard or script showing the process.

We offer a storyboarding service if you cannot give this information. Typically a script is very straightforward, for example, a script shows a description of the animation, a time code and text for voice-over.


Time to make a move!

Before the animatic, all 3d modelling takes place or purchased and rigged. Once the scenes and scenarios are in place, we begin to flesh out the storyboard in 3D and provide a rough draft of the full animation; this usally take’s a couple of revisions to perfect to your requirements. Once the animatic is signed off, we move onto the next stage.

Lighting, materials,rendering and compositing

Lights, Camera, Action!

By now you will know the final finishes of your product, and these are applied from our in-house library of materials or created as a unique material.

The lighting set can be a couple of lights for a simple scene or maybe 100 for a more complicated scenario.

Rendering is the process of the computer taking 3D and having the computer process this data to create an image.

For Animations, there are at least 24 images per second for a 60-second animation; this will consist of 1440 images which can take anywhere from 3 minutes to an hour to render per image which is where our in-house rendering facility helps out!

All the rendered elements are then composited to establish the final look and feel.

Final Animation

Time to deliver!

The final animation will be supplied at 1920×1080 resolution as an mp4 file. Or Images as jpeg, tiff, psd or however you require these.

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