3D Product animation

Tom Dent produces the highest quality product animation and explainer videos. There are no limits with CGI products they can be created in a variety of styles from non-realistic, toon, Xray, photorealistic in animation or imagery format. If your product requires visual effects for example fire, water, ice etc… this is not an issue our pipe-line has a full swiss army knife of tools to tackle the most complex of projects. Animations can be created as a basic product turntable or full-on intricate animation showing a full procedure. Imagery can be created from the provided animation up to billboard resolution if required.

Interactive Configurators

Bring your products to life with the power of 3D webgl have your users interact in ways images cannot provide. Product colours and specifications change interactively on the fly along with buttons to play interactive animations all within your website.

High quality print and web imagery

Our unique workflow allows endless possibilities regarding styles, moods and themes. Giving you the creative control to tweak throughout the process and create stunning imagery that would not have been achievable using traditional photography.

Take advance of CGI for a full product lines! A full product line can benefit from the following using CGI: consistent lighting, multiple camera angles, colourways, specification variation, animations and much more. Best of all new product lines can be created with the same style.

3D cameras can be rendered at any resolution if you require larger or new image we can simply revisit a project. Your Product evolves so why shouldn’t your digital assets amend last years project with this year’s updates.

  • Imagery can be supplied up to billboard size.
  • Photorealistic Imagery
  • Technical line style
  • Styled non-realistic Imagery
  • Toon Shading
  • Hyper-real style

PDF manual to animation

Any PDF manual can be re-created as a full animation or as 3D imagery. Animated video is more engaging then the standard pdf manual it also helps sell products and answer support questions. Please see the sample below which shows how these could transform the look of your PDF manual.

Manuals can also be created as interactive WebGl experiences allow the user to interact with the product and rotate around as the procedures are happening. Webgl works on desktop, mobile and tablets allowing a wide range of options for users to engage with your product other feature can be added such as exploded parts view and colourways click here to view WebGl example

Product CGI for all Budgets.

We work with agencies and business of all sizes on a variety of projects and are able to offer options based on your available budget. 


View Product CGI Portfolio.

Take your cad data to its full potential commissioning animation or imagery from the data. The Animation can work in any way you desire from turntables, detail shots to total exploded views. Snap every angle, every colour and every variation of your product.

View portfolio 200+ examples !

Related Services

Oil, Gas and Renewables

Visual storytelling will make you outshine your competitors. All projects have the highest level of detail with the ability to zoom in and provide a crisp view of each intricate part if this is not enough for you X-Ray view can be used to reveal further details.

Architectural CGI

From large commercial buildings and warehouses to the latest casinos and even residential property CGI animation and imagery can help promote, sell and design. A wide range of services makes this possible from bespoke high-end room set imagery to fully animated fly-throughs of the interior or exterior of a building.

Panoramic Virtual Tours

Panoramic tours are a superb way to grab the attention of your audience by immersing them in the environment. The same effect can work with any CGI scene. I can create you full panoramic tours entirely computer generated of a property before its built.

Let’s talk animation!

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