Packshot 3D Visuals

Producing photographic 3D visuals from your flat artwork.

Learn about the benefits packshot 3d

3D packshots are superior to photography due to the high-quality finish and the cost-effectiveness. There are also other benifits such as 3d animation, interactivity, updating labels and more!

Perfect Consistency

Perfect lighting every time with consistent lighting across different products and product lines.

Vibrant, accurate colours

Colours look true to life as you would expect with the real product even with finishes such as foils, vanishes, glossy/satin plastic and more

No Imperfections

No more retouching out fingerprints, dust, overexposed highlights and other common issues with photography. CGI provides that crease and wrinkle-free perfect finish.

Save time prototyping

You will know exactly what the finished product will look like even before it is prototyped saving you precious production time and cost.

Use anywhere!

Images can be rendered up to billboard size without losing quality. Ideal for print, web, exhibition and more. Products can also be animated or use in interactive apps at a later date if required.

Highly accurate transparency

Save time as images can be supplied as tiffs with perfect transparency allowing you to just drag and drop the images into place with no fuss.

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